Clean Up All Your Debt: Stop Paying Late Fees and High Interest Rates.

Clean Up All Your Debt: Stop Paying Late Fees and High Interest Rates

A great reason to have Excellent Credit is to take advantage of ways to save you money, qualify for loans and low interest rates. Stop wasting money on interest fees and late payment charges! If you're carrying a balance on credit cards, owe payments on medical bills or high interest loans, you're probably paying interest fees and maybe even late charges each month.

Did you know there's a way to avoid paying high interest fees on your credit card balances? Don't procrastinate – apply today for a personal loan! You can choose if you want to take the loan once you get approved. Then you can start saving money right away by using the loan to pay off debts and buying the things you have been planning on. Our list of the top Personal Loan lenders start here:


With some of the lowest interest rates in the industry, SoFi caters to people with higher credit scores and higher income levels (700+ FICO). SoFi lends money from $5,000 all the way up to $100,000. This is all done very quickly with low interest rates and helpful customer service that can help get the loan funded after you apply and get approval online. A SoFi Personal Loan offers No Pre-Payment Penalties and No Origination Fees all inside an Easy Online Application. We really like SoFi Personal Loans because of their high quality customer service and super low rates. It is easy to apply and easy to get approved, especially for individuals with really great credit.


A division of SunTrust Bank, LightStream is the nation’s premier online consumer lender, providing low-interest loans to people with good credit. LightStream’s streamlined process results in a refreshingly simple loan experience. When you apply for a loan, LightStream looks carefully at several factors, including your credit history, payment history, and your income and assets. You can apply online in minutes and you can use a LightStream loan for practically any purpose.*

Discover Bank

If you have really good credit (660+ FICO), you can take advantage of a Personal Loan from Discover®. They offer some of the best interest rates for Personal Loans to consolidate debt or handle a major purchase. Discover Personal Loans offers very impressive benefits, including; loan amounts up to $35,000, an interest rate fixed for the life of the loan, $0 origination or closing costs, and no prepayment penalty. They will even pay your credit card bills directly so you don't have to do it! Because of their options, you can choose a repayment term of 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months – so you can make payments over a time frame that best fits your needs.

OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial has been in business for over 95 years and has an A+ rating from the BBB. In their history, they've funded over $120 billion in loans to over 10 million customers. Focused on delivering quality customer service, they have more than 1,800 branch locations in over 43 states nationwide. They offer loans from $1,500-25,000* for many purposes including debt consolidation and unexpected expenses. There are many ways to apply: over the phone online or at your local branch. Get started now!